I'm not going to charge you R10 100 for answers to your biggest labour problems...

Employment Law 101

Here's a quick calculation on what the average consultant would make for a few hours work. Let’s suppose you are meeting with a labour law consultant and you ask him only the most common labour law questions.

If the consultant answers each question in just 3 minutes (which is unlikely) and charges an hourly rate of R2 000, you’ll pay R2 000 for only 20% of the questions you need answers to.

Get this: the most common labour law questions total 101. Yes, 101 questions!

Know what that means? If he answers all 101 questions you’ll be out of pocket by a whopping R10 100!

This really is an enormous amount! 

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not taking anything away from consultants. I needn’t tell you that their knowledge is invaluable, but R10 100 isn't in everyone's budget.

What I do need to tell you is this:

We get a ton of employment law questions from our subscribers. It no longer surprises me that the same questions keep coming up. So I brought these problems to our labour law consultant which resulted in a special report; Employment Law 101: Expert answers to 101 of the most common labour law questions.

I want you to have this report because it answers 101 of the most common labour problems managers face on a daily basis.

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Are you asking “What’s in it for me?”

Glad you asked. What’s in it for you is having your own personal labour law consultant at your fingertips, without paying that expert R10 100…Or wait while he looks up the answer.

I’ll tell you what else is in it for you…Never having to face a disciplinary hearing unprepared, which could cost you and your company thousands if you end up at the CCMA

Here’s a typical question:

We've just caught one of my employees sharing sensitive and confidential information with a competitor. We want to start taking immediate disciplinary action.

What are the minimum requirements for the minutes of a disciplinary hearing? Must it be minutes or notes? Who is responsible for the minutes?

What essential items must be included to satisfy the CCMA or Labour Court?

Here’s the answer

You may have known that there’s no legal requirement to take minutes of a disciplinary hearing. But, keep an accurate and reliable record of the hearing, because the matter may escalate to the CCMA or Labour Court.

If possible have the hearing mechanically recorded and the tapes transcribed for the CCMA dispute. Or, you can have someone trustworthy take minutes of the meeting.

Be aware that you may need to have the author of the minutes at the CCMA as a witness in case their authenticity/accurateness is called into question.

Here’s another typical question

Can I ask my poor performer to resign?

My sales representative isn't reaching her sales targets, and I need to replace her with someone who will perform to the required standards.

Can I request she resign and work out her one-month notice period? Or should I negotiate a settlement package as I wish to terminate the employment contract?

Here’s the answer

First, negotiate with the employee, giving her the opportunity to resign and agree on an exit package. But make it clear that if she refuses you will follow the proper procedure.

Remember - she may not claim UIF if she resigns.

If she refuses to resign, then dismiss her for poor performance. Be sure you follow the correct procedures or you won’t be able to defend your decision if she refers an unfair dismissal claim.

You don’t want to lose at the CCMA and pay thousands in compensation. So you’ll also need to know:

Start simplifying the way you deal with labour queries!

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Still not convinced you need Employment Law 101?

OK, here’s another question…

Do benefits accumulate when an employee is on sick leave?

Are annual leave and employee bonuses accumulated while the employee is on sick leave?

You may not like the answer but here’s the law

Yes, benefits do accumulate when an employee is on sick leave and will continue accumulating until employment terminates.

You’ll also get the answers to these questions on leave:

One more to convince you…

My company is doing very badly. Can I change their contracts if I can’t afford to pay bonuses and what will happen if they take me to the CCMA?

Here’s the answer

Sorry, you can’t unilaterally change their terms and conditions of employment, which may include bonuses. You’ll need to discuss this with your employees and get their consent.

But what if they don’t consent? You can either live with it or risk a claim for unpaid remuneration or a strike…or you can take action.

This is where you can initiate discussions about retrenching the employees who refuse to accept the changes (on the basis that the changes are required to keep your business viable). Your decision to retrench must be final and not a ploy to get them to accept the changes.

But there’s a lot more for you here…

Order now to get expert answers to your most common labour law questions!

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Here’s what I propose in one sentence

I propose to save you thousands, starting now.

If you have any of the 101 of the most common questions, you’ll have the answer within seconds.

Better yet – answers will be there from some of South Africa's top Labour Law experts.

And a point that proves my own sincerity. I’m extending this offer to you for only R499.

Get practical solutions on:
  - Leave
  - Remuneration
  - Contracts
  - Strikes
  - Foreign Employees
  - Discipline
  - Notice Periods
  - Overtime
  - Dismissals
  - Probationers
  - Retrenchment
  - Employee Policy
  - CCMA and Labour Court

That really is nothing when you consider the amount of time and money this special  report will save you!

I’m so convinced this report is going to help you that I’m offering you a 100% money-back guarantee. If you decide the report isn’t for you, no problem, just tell us so and we’ll give you a full refund (within seven days please)

What more can I say? I’ve laid all my cards  on the table. The next step is yours.

Claim your invaluable electronic report today! Get expert answers to 101 of the  most common labour law questions so you  can easily be 100% compliant in all your employee decisions.

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For fast and easy labour law compliance,

Rachel Paterson

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P.S. This report really is like having your own personal labour law consultant at your fingertips…at a fraction of the cost.


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